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Mr. Preston has over 40 years of successful shopping center development and investment experience throughout North America. Mr. Preston is the founder of the North American Development Group of Companies, which is one of the largest private developers and owners of retail shopping centers in North America. Mr. Preston is also a founding partner of Centrecorp Management Services, which has become one of the largest private retail service providers in North America. In addition, he was co-founder and executive director of Centrefund Realty, a $1.1 billion Toronto Stock Exchange listed public company which, over a six year period until it was sold in 2000, grew from a portfolio of 5 properties to own over 70 shopping centers. In 2007, Mr. Preston co-partnered the privatization of Sterling Centrecorp Inc. in a $280 million transaction. Mr. Preston received his MBA from York University in Toronto and resides in Palm Beach, Florida. Mr. Preston, over the past few years, co-founded five investments funds in the United States and one in Canada, comprising over $1.25 billion of equity. These funds are investment partnerships comprising private and institutional investors.




Mr. Gütter joined the North American Development Group of Companies in 2008 following 14 years as the Chief Financial Officer of the Grosvenor Park Group, an industry leader in the development, promotion, sale and administration of investments in film and television productions under various Canadian tax incentive programs. Mr. Gütter was primarily responsible for investor relations, financial and income tax reporting and the day-to-day management of the Canadian operation. Prior to joining Grosvenor Park, Mr. Gütter was a Senior Audit Manager at a major accounting firm of 8 years. Mr. Gütter is responsible for overseeing and administering our accounting group and for fund and partnership financial and income tax reporting. Mr. Gütter is a member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and received a BComm (Honours) degree from the University of Cape Town in South Africa.




Mr. Green joined North American in 1985, after specializing in the practice of commercial real estate law with a major Canadian law firm. Mr. Green has over 30 years experience in managing, leasing, developing and acquiring retail properties throughout North America. Mr. Green was a member of the board of directors and investment committee of Centrefund Realty, a public real estate company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Under Mr. Green’s leadership as a founding partner and President of Centrecorp Management Services, Centrecorp has become one of the largest private retail/commercial property managers in North America. Mr. Green co-partnered the privatization of Sterling Centrecorp Inc. Mr. Green is a graduate of, and obtained an LLB from The University of Toronto Law School and resides in Toronto, Ontario.